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What Vrindavan Farms is all about?

Vrindavan Farms is started with a simple objective of protecting cows, treating cows with love and care, promoting desi cows, helping farmers, and offering farm-fresh, natural, and clean dairy products to our customers. We started in 2013. We have our dairy farm in Chikkathirupathi, Bangalore. We also work with like-minded farmers, train them to follow ahimsa principles to rear cows and produce milk naturally without any chemicals. We have built a network of farmers with a focused vision. We follow strict methods to produce natural milk without chemicals. We grow our fodder and use naturally formulated cattle feed for our cows.

We also have quite a lot of desi cows (pure Indian breed cows). These cows give A2 desi cow milk. These cows are grazed in the forest regions. From morning till evening they graze in the forest. They graze natural grass, leaves, and medicinal herbs.

We have set up multiple remote milk chilling centers to collect milk from our network of farmers. Chilled milk is transported in insulated containers to our main plant in Bangalore. At our main plant we do another level of chilling, and then packaging. We do thorough quality checks at all the points. In addition to milk, we also manufacture curd, paneer, ghee, butter, buttermilk, etc.

We have our distribution channel to deliver milk and other dairy products to end customers. We maintain a strict cold chain for all our products to maintain freshness and quality.

What are the products made by Vrindavan Farms?

We produce regular organic milk from hybrid cows, A2 Desi Cow Milk from Desi Cows, and Buffalo Milk. We also make curd, paneer, ghee, butter, buttermilk, etc from each type of milk. We maintain clear separation for all types of milk and respective dairy products.

We also produce cow dung manure (for gardening), dried cow dung cake (for havan or homa), and gomutra (for pooja needs).

Is it fresh milk or pasteurized milk?
Our objective is to supply farm-fresh milk. We don't pasteurize, homogenize, cream separate, or process milk in any manner.
Is farm fresh raw milk safe to comsume? How about germs in the milk?

Since we produce milk in a controlled environment, i.e. we manage cows well by giving natural fodder, our milk is pure. It doesn't require pasteurization. Regular boiling at home is enough. Pasteurization involves heating milk up to 80°C and sudden cooling. It will affect vitamins and minerals in the milk and hence we don't pasteurize milk.

Our milk doesn't contain germs or other contaminations. Simple boiling at home is enough.

How fresh is the milk?
We chill milk within an hour from the time of milking to 4°C to avoid the formation of bacterias in the milk. Chilled milk is packed and delivered with a strict cold chain.
What are the quality standards you follow?
We do a thorough quality check at each farm and at remote milk chilling centers. We check the quality and look for adulterations. We also do another level of the quality test at our main plant.
How do you make sure milk is hygiene?

Our cows are washed regularly and their health is checked regularly. Most of the hybrid cows in our farms are milked with milking machines. Those machines are cow friendly and washed regularly. Cows udder area is washed thoroughly before milking. Milk is transferred into containers without a human touching it. Since desi cows don't like milking machines, they need to be milked by hand. We make sure the cow is washed thoroughly and the person who is milking is following strict hygienic standards. We do filtering at different levels. We also do regular cleaning in our chilling and packaging lines.

We do filtering at different levels. We also do regular cleaning in our chilling and packaging lines.

Is your milk antibiotic and hormone free?
Yes, we don't use cows milk that is treated with antibiotics. We wait for the recommended antibiotic withdrawal period before using the milk again. We do antibiotic tests on random samples. We don't use any artificial means, such as rBST growth hormones, to increase milk production. Our cows produce milk naturally.
What are the organic practices you follow to make sure milk is 100% natural?
We grow our fodder without chemicals for our cows. We use cattle feed with all-natural ingredients along with oil cakes. Our desi cows are grazed in the forest with natural grass, leaves, and medicinal herbs. Our cows give pure 100% natural milk.
How is Vrindavan Farms milk and other dairy products are different from modern dairy products?
We follow the traditional process. We don't process milk like the modern dairy industry. We supply fresh milk and other dairy products to our customers. Our products taste natural and also healthy.
What are health benefits of milk from Vrindavan Farms?
Farm fresh milk comes with all-natural and rich ingredients found in the milk. Our milk is healthier and rich in nutrients. Children who drink our milk are healthier without any long term side effects. Our milk is easy to digest and help children to be active and fit. Our other dairy products are also made naturally and promote various health benefits.
Can we visit the farm?
Yes, our farm is open to our customers and the public. We also invite institutions such as schools to provide a good learning experience to them. Please check out Farm Visit section for more details.
What are the different services you provide at the farm?
Along with Farm Visits, we also do Panchagavya Theraphy and Gou Pooja at our farm.


What type of cows you have in your farm?

We have three types of farmers in our network. Some farmers have hybrid cows (Jersey & HF), some farmers have Pure Desi Cows, and some have buffalos. We work with them independently and guarantee authenticity. We also make sure each farmer has only one type of cows.

In our desi cow farms, we have Hallikar, Malnad Gidda, Gir, and Sahiwal cows. These are all pure Indian breed cows that produce A2 Milk.

What are principles you follow to keep cows healthy and happy?
Our cows are given enough space to move around and graze. They are maintained by cow loving farmers. They are washed regularly and their health is maintained very well. We give good quality fodder and natural cattle feed and oil cakes to our cows to be healthy. Our desi cows are freely grazed in the forest areas.
What type of fodders you give to the cows?
We grow maize, napier grass, and jowar for green fodder. We have paddy and raagi straw as dry fodder for our cows.
What are the concentrate feeds you give to cows?
We give naturally formulated cattle feed with 7 types of grains, rice husk, and wheat husk. We supplement it with groundnut oil cake and natural mineral mixtures.
Do you use any chemicals or growth hormones to increase milk production?
Not at all.
How do you handle sick cows?
Sick cows are quarantined and treated with a local vet. Once they come back to normal life with good health, they go along with other healthy cows. If a cow requires antibiotics to treat the illness, we don't use that cow's milk until the vaccine withdrawal period is over.


Where all you supply milk?
Currently we supply in Bangalore.
How do I get started with Vrindavan Farms milk?

You can get your milk subscription started through our Vrindavan Farms Mobile App. You can download the app from Google Play store or Apple iOS App store and get your subscription started or you can also order products such as paneer, ghee, etc whenever you need.

If your community/apartment is not listed in the app, please register with us. We will start delivery in your community as early as possible. Please check out the Subscription for more details.

What time you deliver milk?
We do deliver our products to your door between 4 am and 7 am. We supply only one time in a day. We don't have evening deliveries.
Can I temporarily stop milk delivery if I am traveling or going on a vacation?
Yes, you can easily pause and resume your subscription with a single click on the Vrindavan Farms mobile app.
Can I increase or decrease quantity of milk anytime?
Yes, you can increase or decrease.
How can I get this milk delivered into my apartment?
Please download our Vridavan Farms Mobile App. You will see your community/apartment listed in the app. If yours is not listed, please go ahead and register with us. We will soon start our service in your community.
What is the cut-off time to order products?
You can order or make changes to your subscription until 9 pm for next day delivery. After 9 pm, you will not be able to make any changes to your subscription or order any products.


How is your customer service?
We have a dedicated and friendly customer support team to take care of all your needs. Be it delivery related issues, billing, or sales, they will assist you.
What is the best way to reach support team?
You can reach out to our support team through various channels:
  • Phone calls
  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • Vrindavan Farms Mobile App Chat

Please check Contact section for contact details.

Is your service reliable?
We don't brag. Please get feedback from your community or apartment. We have come a long way. We have improved our service and much more reliable. Please try it and experience yourself.
Do you refund in case of any issues?
Yes, we do.
What are the customer support hours?
6 AM to 9 PM. During these hours you can reach us via phone, WhatsApp, Email, Vrindavan Farms Mobile App. During off hours, you can still send WhatsApp and Email. The Support team will respond to you once they are back on.

Please check out Contact section for contact details.


How I pay for the service?
Our Vrindavan Farms Mobile App has an advanced wallet based system. You can add money to your wallet through various payment options. Your subscription will continue until you have a positive wallet balance.
What are different types of payments you accept?
You can recharge your wallet in the app using Net Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, or UPI.
Can I pay cash?
Sorry we don't accept cash. If you can't absolutely make payments via our app or online, we will arrange for someone to collect cash.
How does refund work?
If there is a delivery issue, we will refund the affected amount into your wallet. If you're permanently discontinuing the service for whatever reasons, we will refund your wallet balance back.
How do I see billing history or invoice?
You can see billing history in the app.







You can come to our farm and prepare Panchagavya Ayurvedic medicine with fresh milk, curd, ghee, gomutra, and cow dung



Come to Vrindavan Farms, perform Goupooja for cows and be blessed with wealth, happiness, and prosperity.
Farm Visit



Vrindavan Dairy Farm is open to the public and institutions to get good exposure to cows, dairy farming, and organic farming.
Cow Donation



Vrindavan Dairy Farm is providing you great opportunity to donate cows. The greatest donation you can give.